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100+ Reviews: Overcoming learning barriers

He no longer complains or fights when we say it is time to read. In fact, he has picked up… Read more...

Video: Overcoming dyslexia and developmental delays

Vivienne was adopted from China at age 5. This video is about Susan helping her 11-year-old daughter overcome developmental delays,… Read more...

Video: Overcoming reading difficulties — Four children testify

Four children, Kelsey, Tshepo, Liam and Joshua share how struggling to read affected them, as well as how it feels… Read more...

“In the last 8 months there has literally been an all-round improvement”

Samaah was anxious about the workload and found it all very overwhelming. Samaah’s mom, Ammaarah Rinquest, and her teacher, Ms.… Read more...

Video archive: Overcoming learning barriers

Watch interviews, covering Edublox clients of all age groups and from all over the world, at various stages of implementation… Read more...

Dyslexia case study: “Remarkable progress in terms of her academic development…”

Since joining Edublox a year ago, Hannah has made "excellent improvement” according to an independent occupational therapy report, and "remarkable… Read more...

“Reading and learning has become a pleasure in our house”

Since we started Edublox, they pick up every little book and magazine because they WANT TO READ. They WANT to… Read more...

“For the first time he is reading without long pauses between words…”

You could tell him to look at it closely, sound it out, etc... and he would just keep on guessing.… Read more...

Isabella gets wings to fly

Isabella blossomed, her reading, writing and maths changes were extraordinary. The best part was watching her confidence in herself grow… Read more...

“His self-confidence is up and he actually likes reading now!”

Even his Sunday school teachers at our parish have noticed an improvement in his ability to write with little assistance.… Read more...

“It is absolutely amazing for him and me to be getting these brilliant marks”

After years of speech therapy, OT, remedial and reading centers – I am absolutely blown away by what Edublox offers... Read more...

Case study: Improving auditory memory improves reading

Spamandla, now a Grade 3 learner, was re-assessed on the Essi Reading and Spelling Test. Assessed on a Grade 3,… Read more...