Case Study: Overcoming Severe Learning Disabilities

Jannes rarely makes any reversals. His spelling and his mathematics have improved. He has started to construct proper sentences. His concentration has improved, so has his ability to recognize sounds and words. The discrimination of sounds, which previously he found very confusing, such as ‘b’ and ‘d,’ is no longer a problem to him.
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Apr. 14, 2015

Robyn’s Story

She scored 70% and the teacher commented that the programme is clearly developing her memory and again, Robyn’s result had placed her in the middle of the class of 25 rather than her norm of being 25th…. We have progressed from being at wits end and sheer desperation to excited, motivated and inspired and ever-hopeful!
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Apr. 14, 2015

Twice Exceptional — Gifted with a Learning Disability

I wasn’t expecting for any huge jumps in ability. Well, three months into Edublox and earnestly, my son is now making more spontaneous comments about school which is wonderful, but the biggest difference academically is that his spelling improved immensely (which I hadn’t even noticed was a problem till it no longer was) and he suddenly enjoyed reading!!
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Apr. 8, 2014

Improved Concentration, Memory, and Mathematical Reasoning

His memory and concentration is also far better and this is assisting his overall schoolwork. Besides his schoolwork, the improved memory is also helping with his daily life and play. He now remembers where he puts his things and his long-term recall is consistently good…
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Oct. 6, 2012

School Stunned When Student Overcomes Language Disorder

I started the Edublox program, but the school laughed at me and said it would not help! Well, we started it and now (in grade 5) the school is stunned. She is doing so much better and is even learning a 3rd language now (French) and getting even better marks than children who have private lessons.

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Feb. 29, 2012

15-year-old Improves in Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Math, Logic Skills

She said she felt like her brain was being put in order… She had gone up three full grade levels in math computation and one full grade level in spelling!…  She is able to sit and do a normal day of schoolwork now… She can debate with friends because she has developed her logic skills…
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Feb. 1, 2008

Reading Clinic Makes a Big Difference

Imagine my surprise when she came home with her first report this year. After the first few sessions at the Reading Clinic her marks moved up to above average, and we started doing a lot less work in the afternoons. She manages to finish all her work now and easily learns by herself for her tests. This has made an incredible difference.
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Jan. 17, 2008

Help for Poor Concentration, Visual Memory, Motor Planning, and Dyspraxia

My son was lost in a sea of words, in an IQ boat that was shot with holes. Gaping holes, which the learned specialists labeled “psychoneurological dysfunction,” “concentration problems,” “poor motor planning,” “poor visual spatial perception,” “dyspraxia” and “poor visual memory” to name but some fearsome sounding terms. As for the rest of the boat?…
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Jun. 1, 2006

Mark’s Reading, Spelling and Writing Skills Improve

The first noticeable improvement in Mark’s development since he has been attending the Edublox course has been the confidence with which he has approached reading. For the last 12 months Mark has shown an interest in reading the daily paper; this has improved dramatically over the last 6 months, where his reading interest seems to have widened. He has just finished to read his first ever book, The Bourne Identity!
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Sep. 3, 2004

Improvement in Listening Comprehension, Word Attack, Oral Reading and More

Then he started doing a little better. That was fun. After a few more weeks, when Doug was reading from Rainbow Dreams he sounded better — more fluent and the pauses between the words were gone. That was definitely fun. After 3 ½ months I had Doug retested by the center that did his testing when we started. Here are his scores…
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Aug. 16, 2003