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Video: Measurable improvements in reading scores

Hilary shares her thoughts on "The Edublox Experience." Measurable improvements in standardized reading scores, confidence and fun. Read more...

Video: Overcoming dyslexia and developmental delays

Vivienne was adopted from China at age 5. This video is about Susan helping her 11-year-old daughter overcome developmental delays,… Read more...

Severe dyslexia, dyscalculia success story: “We can see her world getting bigger…”

The whole Edublox system has helped Amy so much with reading and math, but it was hard for us to… Read more...

Overcoming learning barriers: 100+ reviews

He no longer complains or fights when we say it is time to read. In fact, he has picked up… Read more...

“Carsten is reading 6 and 7 letter words and the most amazing part is he is spelling them as well!”

Now, after working with Susan and the Edublox program for the last 5 months, Carsten is reading 6 and 7… Read more...

Video archive: Parents and children share their stories on overcoming learning barriers

Watch videos and listen to interviews, covering Edublox clients of all age groups and from all over the world, at… Read more...

Video: A student with severe dyslexia improves from the 1st to the 55th percentile!

Meet Maddie, a 10-year-old who was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, moderate dyscalculia, ADHD and low IQ (low 80s). People who had… Read more...

“His reading has improved tremendously … math marks went up by 30%”

When we started the program, Le Roux was barely reading at Grade 3 level. At the beginning of 2018, he… Read more...

“In the last 8 months there has literally been an all-round improvement”

Samaah was anxious about the workload and found it all very overwhelming. Samaah’s mom, Ammaarah Rinquest, and her teacher, Ms.… Read more...

Case study: Edublox increases nonverbal IQ by 25 points!

After attending Edublox for two years (approximately 240 hours), her IQ was reassessed by the same psychologist. Her verbal IQ… Read more...

A dyslexia success story: “I would not have thought it possible four years ago”

As for my daughter, I thought you would like to know that she is in her first year of high… Read more...

From 11% for math in term 1 to 68% in term 3 – Tyriq’s story

Edublox has helped him build and rebuild his educational foundation. His memory has improved immensly and learning has become a… Read more...