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Cognitive Skills: What They Are, Why They Matter, How to Improve Them

Cognitive skills -- also called cognitive abilities, cognitive functions, or cognitve capabilities -- are mental skills used in the process of acquiring knowledge, the manipulation of information, and reasoning.


Understanding Attention and Concentration

Attention or concentration (the words attention and concentration are synonyms) is a fundamental learning skill. Poor attention ability can be a sign of behavior and learning disorders such as hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADD).


How Perception Is Determined by Attention

The process of perception is very much affected by attention, a phenomenon that involves filtering of incoming stimuli. Human beings do not pay attention to everything in their environments; nor do they attend to all the stimuli impinging on their sense organs. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the enormous complexity of the physical world, we attend to some stimuli and do not notice others.


Warning to Adults: Children Notice Everything

Adults are really good at paying attention only to what you tell them to -- but children don't ignore anything. That difference can actually help children do better than adults in some learning situations, a new study suggests.


Cognitive Foundations of Learning

Learning is like building a house. The first step is to lay a foundation. Unless there is a strong and solid foundation, cracks will soon appear in the walls, and with no foundations, the walls will collapse. In the same way one needs to lay a proper foundation before it becomes possible for a child to benefit from a course in reading, writing and arithmetic. If this foundation is shaky, learning “cracks” will soon appear.