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Ask Susan: Are My Children Not Creative Enough?

I worry that my children aren’t imaginative and creative enough. My elder son is six years old. Yesterday he and his friend were playing in our backyard. His friend pretended to be a giant dinosaur, and all my son said was, “there’s no dinosaur”. He never pretend plays, in fact, he seldom plays.


Creative Thinking Exercises for Children

When we think of all the skills a child needs to learn to succeed academically, we often think of reading, writing, concentration, and math. However, one of the essential skills children need to develop is creativity.


Is Pretend Play Overrated for Child Development?

Welcome to the wonderful world of pretend play, where a cardboard tube is a telescope and the space under the dining room table is a cave. Pretend play, also called make-believe play and imaginary play, has been regarded as crucial to children’s healthy development. The benefits, apparently, are many.