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3 Fundamental Study Principles to Improve Your Grades

Whatever grades you’re currently getting, you can improve them by changing your habits and following three study principles.


What Are Mnemonics? 6 Types with Comprehensive Examples

A mnemonic is a specific reconstruction of target content intended to tie new information more closely to the learner's existing knowledge base and, therefore, facilitate retrieval. There are a variety of mnemonic techniques, including the method of loci, pegwords, acronyms, acrostics, spelling mnemonics, and number-sound mnemonics.


Difference Between Study Skills, Study Techniques and Study Methods

The ability of any student to study successfully depends significantly on their fundamental study skills, i.e., their ability to concentrate, to perceive correctly and accurately, and to remember what has been perceived.


Ask Susan: Make the Most of Study Sessions – Here’s How

Thank you so much for sharing tips on enhancing concentration. I have worked through them with my Grade 8 daughter, whom I’m sure will benefit from your advice. Do you have any tips regarding study methods? How can she make the best use of her study sessions? We are both stressed out.