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15 Learning Disabilities Success Stories of Children and Students

Learning disabilities success stories
Most learning disabilities success stories in the press are of famous people who have been successful despite their learning disabilities. Our students aren’t renowned. They are ordinary people who overcame or are in the process of overcoming the symptoms of learning disabilities.

Overoming the symptoms of learning disabilities

There is little doubt that reading, ‘riting, and ’rithmetic are crucial elements in any child’s education. A child’s ability to later cope in the adult world, to have a career, to take charge of their financial affairs, and to live independently depends to a large extent on their mastery of these skills.

Unfortunately, many children are deprived of the privilege of an abundant adult due to learning disabilities. Learning disabilities (LD) is an umbrella term describing several specific learning disorders, such as reading disabilities (also called dyslexia), writing disabilities (also called dysgraphia), and math disabilities (also called dyscalculia).

Children with reading disabilities have trouble processing words on paper, resulting in poor word recognition, low reading fluency, and insufficient reading comprehension. Children with writing disabilities struggle with most aspects of writing, including problems with letter formation, spelling, and composition. Those with math disabilities have a wide range of persistent and extreme difficulties in math.

ADHD is not a learning disability per se. However, some symptoms may appear very similar to those of a learning disability. Rates of learning disorders are also higher among children with ADHD, while children with learning disorders are more likely to have an ADHD diagnosis.

Fortunately, LD symptoms can be overcome with hard work. Below are 15 success stories of students who received specialized help from Edublox and did just that.

Reading disabilities success stories

Story of a Boy Who Overcame Dyslexia and Earned a Master’s Degree

Abraham, a student with dyslexia, failed his fourth grade and did not improve for two years. His mother read about the Edublox system and gave it a try. His improvement was remarkable, going on to eventually earn a master’s degree at university.

Student with Severe Dyslexia Improves by 54 Percentiles

In 2015, Maddie was diagnosed with dyslexia. This diagnosis was changed to severe dyslexia in 2016, and diagnoses of moderate dyscalculia and ADHD were added. On top of that, Maddie’s Full Scale IQ score was 81, which is in the Low Average range. Three years of treatment yielded little results. Finally, in February 2018, Maddie embarked on the Edublox program. Her IQ score increased to 103, and she improved by 54 percentiles in reading.

A Profound Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Success Story

Amy was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and dyscalculia. She got so behind in school that her parents started homeschooling her. She also started with Edublox’s live online tutoring. Amy overcame many obstacles. Her reading improved from being unable to read to reading in the 46th percentile when tested on the 8th-grade level. Her mom, Sandy, shares Amy’s progress over a period of three years.

Student with Dyseidetic Dyslexia Improves by 26 Percentiles

A developmental optometrist contacted Edublox and requested help for his 9-year-old patient who struggled with dyseidetic dyslexia – also called orthographic dyslexia and surface dyslexia. Rief, the patient, improved from the 34th to the 60th percentile in reading. His grades are outstanding.

Dyslexic Becomes an Honors and Advanced Placement Student

A mother in Fullerton, United States, shares her dyslexic daughter’s progress after two weeks on the Edublox program. Her daughter started to love reading, and her handwriting improved overnight. Four years later, her daughter is in her first year of high school and honors English and geometry, and AP (Advanced Placement) History.

Writing disabilities success stories

Overcoming a Spelling Problem: Kindergarten to 6th Grade in Six Months

A mother in New Mexico shares her daughter’s story of overcoming a spelling problem after doing Edublox for six months: I feel as if part of my daughter’s mind was trapped, and Edublox set her free.

Dysgraphia Success Story: Handwriting No Longer an Issue

Jennifer Gilliland shares her son’s success in handwriting after doing Edublox for thirty hours: I have been following the Dysgraphia Program from Edublox and we are thirty (30) hours into the program… 

Days of Fighting to Do Homework Are Over

Kenny has learned that reading can be enjoyed and how to enjoy it. His ability to spell now is stunning everybody; his ability to decipher words is phenomenal. His mom shares his story.

Math disabilities success stories

Student with Dyscalculia Gains 7 Years in Math in 3 Years

Six years of teaching and tutoring failed to help Hannah, who had severe dyscalculia. Her mother discovered the Edublox system and gave it a try. Robyn is a family physician and volunteered to do this testimony because Edublox has changed her daughter’s life.

Video: Edublox Math Program Opens New Worlds

As a result of dyspraxia, Veronica struggled with reading and mathematics. In this video, her father shares how Edublox’s math program has helped to open new worlds for her.

Math Program Delivers “Immediate Results.” He No Longer Hates Math

Kim shares her son’s progress in math after enrolling him in Edublox’s Live Tutor program:  “My child regained confidence. He no longer hates math. He now smiles and tells us, “I know it, I know it” or “I’m so smart!”

ADHD success stories

ADHD Success Story: Schoolwork No Longer Means Anxiety, Sadness, Tears

Kori was diagnosed with ADHD in 1st grade. When play therapy and audio-processing therapy did not yield results, her parents enrolled her in the Edublox program. Tanya shares her daughter’s progress in confidence, working speed, handling frustration, and reading.

Real Progress for Student with Apraxia, Sequential Disorder, ADHD

A mom in Utah shares her son’s progress after doing Edublox for five months. He was diagnosed with apraxia of speech, poor working memory, sequential processing disorder, and severe ADHD. His parents also suspected severe dyslexia. This is her story.

Life-changing Difference for Student with ADHD

Erigh was diagnosed with ADHD, dyspraxia, and dyslexia. He was going to fail 4th grade after barely passing 3rd grade. Since attending Edublox, Erigh can concentrate much better, and his school marks increased by about 30%. His reading has also improved, together with him being able to put his thoughts in writing and it being readable for the educator. His mom tells all.

Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Overcome Learning Difficulties

Joshua and Jeremiah were born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). In Grade 2, both boys struggled to concentrate at school, had to repeat the year, and were promoted to Grade 3 with support. Jeremiah was diagnosed with ADHD and a severe form of dyslexia. Read their amazing story to victory.

Edublox helps children with learning disabilities

Edublox is an educational method that integrates cognitive training with reading, writing, or math tutoring and solid learning principles. Edublox offers live online tutoring to students with reading, writing, and math disabilities – mild, moderate, and severe.

Edublox assists students in becoming life-long learners and empowers them to realize their highest educational goals. While Edublox is not a quick fix, its use can permanently alleviate the symptoms of learning disabilities.

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Edublox offers cognitive training and live online tutoring to students with reading, writing, math, and other learning disabilities. Our students are in the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Book a free consultation to discuss your child’s learning needs.