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Three Cognitive Skills that Matter for Academic Achievement

This paper was presented virtually at the EduLearn19 International Conference on New Learning Technologies in Palma, Spain. The study confirms the importance of strong cognitive skills for academic achievement; the cognitive skill with the strongest correlation was auditory short-term memory.


How Parental Involvement, Styles, Income and Media Impact Academic Achievement

Parents and researchers alike are interested in how to promote children’s academic competence. Academic achievement has been linked to many factors. In this article we discuss parental involvement, parenting styles, family income, as well as media and digital exposure. 


Cognitive Skills and their Impact on Academic Achievement

Edublox Online Tutor provides a free online assessment to measure a number of cognitive skills, specifically visual sequential memory, auditory memory, iconic memory and logical reasoning. Sixty-four Grade 2 students of an inner-city school took the test after which their test scores were correlated with their academic grades using the Pearson Correlation.


Want Your Child to Succeed in School? Add Language to the Math, Reading Mix

Research shows that the more skills children bring with them to kindergarten, the more likely they will succeed in those same areas in school. Now it's time to add language to that mix of skills. Not only does a child's use of vocabulary and grammar predict future proficiency with the spoken and written word, but it also affects performance in other subject areas.